Welcome To Older Toddler’s Winter Adventure!!❄️

Fine Motor Skills: Using Tweezers, Q-tips, Spoons, Pencil Grip!! Look At Our Hands Go!!!

Gross Motor Skills: Music & Bubbles,Wall Gross Motor Activity! How We Should Dress During The Winter!! ( Using Images Of Winter Clothing!! What A Great Adventure!!😊

We Had A Great Time In Our Winter Centers!! Come & Have Some Hot Chocolate With Us!!! We’ve Great Winter Books Too! Before You Go, Stop By The Hug Snowflake!!!🤗

What A Great Way, To End Our Winter Adventure!! Outside Fun Time!!!! Thanks For Stopping By Older Toddler’s Winter Adventure!!! ❄️🤗


Purim is a fun holiday celebration. The children have been listening to and learning about the story of Purim. A palace has been set up in the classroom for the children to see how it looked a long time ago in Persia. For the holiday of Purim, the children will come dressed in costumes for the festivities, which includes reading the story from the scroll called “The Magilla,”  singing songs, exchanging shalach monos which is giving a bag of food to another child, and eating homemade hamantashen.  The children will dress up as kings and queens


The children have been working very hard in preparation for this holiday. They have been using many of their fine motor, matching colors, patterning, and creative decision-making skills.

The children have been busy making several crafts to take home for the holiday.  They made their own crowns, masks, scroll holders to hold the Magilla, and groggers, which are noisemakers. After painting the groggers they added items to make noise. The four choices of items to put in the grogger were rice, gravel, beans, and small shells. Then the children finished decorating the graggers with streamers.  They also decorated bags for the shalach manos packages.  The children made the batter and the hamentashen cookies for the Purim celebration. At the Purim celebration, the children gave a bag filled with cookies and sweets to another child and received one from another child.  For the festive celebration of the Purim holiday, the children came dressed up as Kings and Queens and sang and danced.






February/Book fair

The children have been looking at the books from the book fair. We have had the privilege of several parents reading storybooks to us. We thank Saksahi’s dad, Brynn’s mom and dad, Jackson’s grandma, and Julia’s mom. Thank you for the books donated to the class.


These are the books the parents read to the class.



The children have been learning about construction and the vehicles used in construction projects.  The children have had the opportunity to view the live construction site and see the men at work.  In the classroom, the children have been driving construction vehicles on a track set up on the rug in the block area,  in addition, some have been putting together a picture puzzle of a truck.



The children have been focusing on recognizing and naming the letters in the alphabet specifically the first letters of their names.  Using watercolor paints., the children painted their own letter that was outlined on a piece of paper with tape. The children used their fingers to pull off the tape and see the outline of their own letter as well as their classmates.

On our next venture we look forward to learning about and celebrating the Holiday of Purim.

February-Art Unit

We have been working very hard and spent a great deal of time creating our self-portraits using many skills and art mediums. We were very proud to display our final projects for all the parents to see at the art show.


We read the book, “Mouse Paint.” It is about 3 white mice who hide from a cat by jumping into the primary color paints. They are Red, yellow and blue. The children explored painting using the primary colors and discovered that red mixed with blue, makes purple. Red and yellow mixed together make orange and blue and yellow mixed make green. What a fun discovery and creation.





January/Art Month

This is art month. The children are focusing on different types of mediums in art. They took the colored tape and adhered it to paper, then painted right on top. When dry, using their fine motor skills, the children peeled off the tape and had an abstract painted picture.



The children are learning about small, medium and big. They were putting together snowmen made out of felt using small medium and big cut pieces.  They then took one small, medium and big circle made out of card stock and used a variety of materials to create their own unique snowman.

Discussing the winter weather, the children observed that there were no leaves on the trees.  The children made a class tree. They first collected sticks and twigs from outside. They then sponged the trunk of the tree brown.  After that, they painted the branches using brushes.  When dry they each had the opportunity to tape a stick onto a branch on the paper tree by using their fine motor skills to rip a piece of tape and adhere it to the branch/stick that they collected.


The children are working hard on creating their self-portraits that will be on display at the art show in February.

The weather has finally warmed up a bit, letting the children have some fresh air time out on the playground. 


New Year 2020

Happy New Year! Hope everyone had a relaxing holiday. We celebrated our first birthday in 2020.


The children have been exploring winter in the sensory table with artificial snow, snowballs, snowflakes.  The children even found the hibernating white bear.  The children have been counting and using their fine motor skills by placing a small ball/flat marble in the corresponding circle on the snowman.


Chanukah in December

The children have been learning a lot about the upcoming holiday of Chanukah.; AKA (Festival of Lights)  They learned that the holiday lasts eight days, and each evening we add an additional candle until we get a total of eight candles. It is customary to eat latkes (potato pancakes) and sweet jelly doughnuts during Chanukah.  For a fine motor activity, the children used a roller with paint and sand on a stencil of a menorah.   The children tried spinning a dreidel with paint on it to create the spin art effect.


The children made their own menorahs using a paint stick, wooden dowels, and metal nuts. There were multiple steps creating the menorah. First, step was spraying the stick with colored water, the second step, was sponge painting the stick, the third step, was dipping the dowels into colored water, and the last step was gluing the dowels to the stick.


We celebrated our first 3-year-old birthday in our class. The children made cupcakes for the occasion.


The children made and decorated dreidle cookies for the Chanukah party.


We welcomed our new friend who joined our class.

Wishing everyone a Healthy, Happy and safe New Year!